Rollet Reefs Foundation and Bluetide Announce Coral Reefs Conservation Partnership


The non-profit organizations, Rollet Reefs Foundation and Bluetide have joined forces to affect change in coral reef conservation in developing countries, particularly in the Caribbean and Indian Ocean. The initial joint projects will focus on marine conservation initiatives in Puerto Rico with an aim to educate, support, promote and engage local populations, governments and industry policy makers. “Partnering with Bluetide was a natural first step for the Rollet Reef foundation,” said RRF founder Gilles Rollet. “Our mission is to educate local populations and governments on finding the balance between coral reefs conservation and rehabilitation efforts, and the needs of the local economy. The work that Bluetide have been doing since 2018 was perfectly aligned to our vision and mission. We are incredibly excited to be working with them to really begin impacting efforts the region,” stated Rollet.

“It is incredibly important for us to collaborate and work with as many local conservation groups as possible, so we can become an effective and united force for change,” explained Bluetide Vice Chair, Ramon Barquín. He went on to say, “We want to build momentum for ‘Blue Economic’ initiatives into a tidal wave of support beginning here in Puerto Rico and then rolling out our successful models globally. We’ve already begun to plan, design and implement these initiatives locally for ocean-dependent activities, and want to continue integrating these models in a cross-collaborative manner to attain progressive marine and maritime economic research and development in the future, by accelerating ocean reliant commercial activities. Partnering with Rollet Reefs Foundation helps us to continue these efforts and strengthen these programs. It’s a powerful partnership and one that will really help accelerate our efforts.”

The partnership will begin with workforce development of specialized jobs by providing capacity building, training and certifications in Puerto Rico, in addition to actively engaging with local governmental organizations to gain policy and regulatory support for these programs. “Public support and awareness is essential to our success and we encourage people to contact us to see where and how they can contribute or replicate our efforts in their areas,” says Rollet.

RRF is a non-profit dedicated to the protection of coral reefs in developing countries. The RRF mission statement encompasses the most important elements to support, promote and educate on the risks to fragile reef ecosystems; working with local governments and populations to implement conservation and rehabilitation policies and initiatives.

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Bluetide Puerto Rico, Inc. (BTPR) is a 501(c)3, Non-Profit Organization based in Puerto Rico since 2018. Our MISSION is; to influence, innovate, support, and increase the economic impacts and eco-responsible developments for a sustainable “Blue Economy” in Puerto Rico and the US Caribbean.

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