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The Rollet Reefs Foundation Programs

Rollet Reefs Foundation is a newly established non-profit and we are in the early stages of designing our reef-protection, education, and grant programs.


If you are an educator in any of the following countries and would like assistance on teaching materials related to reef education, please get in contact with us.
Rollet Reefs Foundation - Gilles Rollet - Reefs Conservation
Rollet Reefs Foundation - Gilles Rollet - Reefs Conservation




Puerto Rico



The Bahamas

Rollet Coral Reefs Foundation
Rollet Reefs Foundation - Gilles Rollet - Reefs Conservation

Effective change has to come from within communities, local and federal governments to preserve the reefs of the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean. The Caribbean Reefs which account for only 7% of the world’s coral have been particularly subject to dramatic degradation from human activity including coastal development, sediment, pollution, marine-based threats, and overfishing. As a popular tourist destination, the Caribbean reefs are also greatly threatened by waste from cruise ships, tankers, and yachts that discharge waste directly into the water.

If you’re a community leader, a volunteer organization, or local reef protection NGO in the following countries, please reach out to us to discuss how we can assist.

Community Leaders, Volunteer Organisations or Local Reef Protection NGOs