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BluetidePR Announce Key Speakers for Global Blue Economy Summit 2022

Puerto Rico is more reliant on ocean-related activity than most U.S. states. National employment statistics show that ocean industries support about seven percent of the total employment, three times more than the average of two percent for ocean and Great Lakes states. The figures are not truly representative, as there are a number of self-employed workers that are actually directly linked to Ocean Activities, yet remain unregistered under traditional ocean sectors. These figures for Puerto Rico alone increase from 67,000 to a staggering 156,000 people in Marine based sectors.

It is poignant that with such a huge, Ocean led infrastructure, that The Blue Economy could harness so much potential for not only Puerto Rico, but for the entire Caribbean. With this in mind, Bluetide PR established themselves in 2018 as a Non-Profit Organization based in Puerto Rico, with an objective to plan, design, and implement initiatives to expand marine and maritime activities in the US Caribbean. The Blue economy can systematically contribute towards eradicating of poverty, mitigating climate change and generating sustainable inclusive livelihoods.

The Bluetide Caribbean Investment Summit (BCIS ‘22) is the second of its kind and a global event held on the 17th August 2022 in Puerto Rico. It will introduce the investment community and entrepreneurs to fantastic innovative investment opportunities that are emerging in Puerto Rico’s hybrid creative industries-blue economy sector. It will also showcase Puerto Rican government, industry leaders, and the ongoing projects being led by this innovative non-profit organisation. Identifying opportunities to collaborate is extremely important to promote a robust environment for impact investment. The Blue Economy is considered such a vital source of socio-economic development, that The World Bank, through the Global Environment Facility (GEF), has provided funding in the amount of $6.3 million.

The Blue Economy Summit 2022 has secured a host of world class financial professionals and economic development experts to speak at the event. Guest speakers include:

Howard Buffett - Rollet Reefs Foundation Summit

Howard Buffett, President and Founder Global Impact, LLC

Howard Warren Buffett (born October 14, 1983) is an American adjunct professor in public policy and international affairs, a political advisor, philanthropist, and grandson of Warren Buffett. He serves as an adjunct faculty member at Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs and was previously the executive director of the Howard G. Buffett Foundation, a private philanthropic foundation that funds initiatives aimed at improving the standard of living and quality of life for the world’s most impoverished and marginalized populations.

Stewart Sarkozy-Banoczy - Rollet Reefs Foundation Summit

Stewart Sarkozy-Banoczy, Chief Precovery Officer

Stewart Sarkozy-Banoczy is a Social Entrepreneur and Director of Strategic Partnerships and Development for the North American region at the Resilient Cities Network. His former roles included Senior Advisor in Resilience Finance, Acting Director for Europe and the Middle East, and

Acting Director and City Relationship Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean. Stewart served in a prestigous role on President Obama’s Hurricane Sandy Task Force and is Senior Advisor for the Global Island Partnership in addition to working as a mem,ber of the advisory committee for SeaAhead. Stewart has a long history of work with indigenous communities, particularly in the areas of community finance and economic sovereignty. He studied global management, marketing, languages, sustainability, and environmental science

Gilles Rollet, Founder, Rollet Reef Foundation

Gilles Rollet, Founder, Rollet Reef Foundation

Gilles Rollet is a banker with several successful investments in the financial services industry. He started his career at Goldman, Sachs & Co. in New York. Subsequently, he held a number of senior management and country management positions at ABN AMRO, throughout Asia, South Africa, San Francisco, Geneva and Dubai. He later set up and ran Mirabaud & Cie. in Dubai. In 2014, Gilles became an entrepreneur and launched an asset management firm in Dubai, which he successfully sold in 2017. In 2016, he founded a private bank in the US. Today, Mr. Rollet is a passive investor in firms active in asset management, banking, robotics, data banks and public health. As an investor, conscious of the impact we have on the world, and an environmentalist, the protection of Coral Reefs has become one of his foremost concerns. In 2022, Gilles Rollet founded The Rollet Reef Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to the protection of coral reefs in

developing countries such as the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean and Provide support to initiatives in developing countries that help preserve endangered reefs through education and research

Coral Reef Preservation - Rollet Reefs Foundation - Gilles Rollet

Calandra Cruikshank, CEO and Founder, StateBook International, Inc

Calandra Cruickshank is founder and CEO of StateBook International®, the first nationwide online marketplace for economic development and corporate site selection headquartered in NY. Calandra specializes in designing and implementing creative campaigns using sustainable and socially responsible programs and strategic alliances between for-profitand non-profit companies and government agencies. She has created and consulted for internet and mobile companies for the past 10 years.

Calandra previously co-founded and served as president and on the board of directors for, an online coupon hosting platform that benefits nonprofits while saving consumers money and driving traffic and sales to brands and retailers. Calandra also co-founded and served as senior vice president for Good Deed Foundation, a national branding and licensing company that leveraged existing supermarket products to support non-profit organizations benefitting climate change and women and families in poverty.

Calandra is a member of the International Economic Development Council, the University Economic Development Association, and Council of Development Finance Agencies.

Juan Bauzá - Rollet Reefs Foundation Summit

Juan Bauzá Economic Development Representative, EDA, Department of Commerce

Juan Bauza is the Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration (EDA) Representative (EDR) for PR & USVI. Currently in (DR4339PR) Hurricane Maria post disaster recovery, he also serves as the Field Coordinator for the Economic Recovery Support Function in Puerto Rico, under the National Disaster Recovery Framework. As EDR, he led the team drafting the Economic Recovery Courses of Action in the PR Economic Recovery Plan. He has actively engaged in transformational economic development initiatives in areas such as promoting the development of an unmanned systems industry, 21st Century Workforce Development, and the Blue Economy (Ocean Economy) as anchors to long term economic vitality for the US Caribbean. These efforts have resulted in over $114M invested by EDA in strategic recovery projects in PR and USVI.

His private sector experience includes over six years of business development consulting in new business development and specialized in controlled environments. During this time, he acquired international experience while working projects in North Carolina, Canada, Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, Israel, and Puerto Rico. Served as president of the Agricultural Committee for two years in a row for the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce. He also worked in the manufacturing industry managing the East Coast Region (USA) for Tactical Assault Gear, a tactical gear manufacturer in the west coast soon after becoming the technical consultant for a National Institute for the Blind member (LC Industries, a non-profit organization in Durham, NC).

To find out more about our guest speakers and panel members, why not visit the summit website:

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